About Me

I am Zohaib Shah, a fullstack engineer with hands-on experience in Node, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Django and Angular. I explored my passion for programming while working as an electronics technician early in my career.

I started coding micro-controllers and hardware embedded systems. Later, I got hired by an online travel agency as a web developer. There, I got the chance to work with multiple enterprise level APIs (Travelport, Amadeus and NDCs) . I lead the IT team to develop B2B and B2C software solutions focused on the travel niche.

Currently, I’m working in a well renowned multi-national software house as a Staff Software Engineer.

My interests

I am interested in everything related to programming. Besides being a  full stack engineer with the most experience in backend development using popular frameworks and multiple languages, currently, I am developing my skills in mobile app development using flutter. I am also interested in AWS cloud services and working hard to extend my knowledge in CI/CD and AWS cloud services.

Why I am blogging?

I believe in learning and, while doing so, share this experience with others. It is always good to write and make notes of your learning to recall it later. Trust me, blogging is a win-win decision for any software engineer.