About Me

Who am I ?

Hi, My name is Zohaib, I am a software engineer by profession. Coding is my passion and It comes naturally to me. I am working as a full stack developer for last 5 years.

My interests

I am interested in everything related to web development, I want to keep myself updated with recent trends and technologies. Apart from web based solutions, I have also worked in .NET technology for Desktop based applications. Moreover, I also have programming experience of embedded systems and Micro-controllers.

How I became a full stack developer ?

When I say, “Coding comes naturally to me”, it means that It is not a primarily chosen career for me, but in fact it was a transition from an electronics hardware technician to a software engineer.

My Expertise

I spent most of my time in the field of software development, doing PHP programming. I have hands on experience in core PHP as well as in framework based development like Laravel and Codeigniter. Besides backend development, I have developed APPs in Angular frameworks. I have been attached with a travelling agency for most part of my career, this is why, I have extensive knowledge of consuming and creating web services. These web services are usually REST based or SOAP WSDL based.

Why I am blogging?

There are two reasons why I am blogging: first is that I want to share with the world what I have learnt over the period of almost 10+ Years, Second is that I want to have a web presence for myself.